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Snack attack got you stumped?

Before you munch, consult the crunch!

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Download my 'Should I Eat It?'

flowchart and become a food-choice ninja!

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Are you ready to DITCH the overwhelm and finally feel GOOD? It's easier than you think. My FREE Feel Good Foundations mini-course delivers simple, actionable steps to your inbox each day.

Stop dreaming of a better life and start LIVING it. Sign up now!

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Hi, I’m Erica

Certified Personal Trainer and Health and Happiness Coach

I am your coach, confidante, and fellow adventurer on this wild ride called life. I've worn many hats – phys.ed teacher, certified personal trainer, Pn1 nutrition coach, reiki master practicioner, yoga instructor and even a weight loss company cheerleader (oops!) — and I am on a mission to help women over 40 ditch the diet drama and embrace their inner badass.  


Through it all I've learned one thing: true health and happiness comes from within. Think of me as your sassy sidekick, your wellness wingwoman, and your biggest fan as you reclaim your energy, passion, and joy. 

Together, let's ditch the frump and embrace the FABULOUS to create a life that makes you want to shout "HELL YES!" from the rooftops!

Energize and Elevate with Erica

Empowering Your Path to Vitality and Joy

Welcome to Energize and Elevate with Erica, where transformation isn’t just a goal; it’s a journey we walk together. Are you navigating life’s midlife transitions and feeling overwhelmed by the mainstream health and fitness jargon? I understand you.

Here, you’ll find more than just a program; you’ll find a compassionate coach and guide that knows your pain and frustrations. Dive into a holistic approach that breaks down complexity into simple achievable steps. Embark on a path that aligns your mind, body and spirit, guiding you to a more balanced, energized and joyful life. Your wellness, your way..and it begins NOW.

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Work with Erica 


Energize Your Fitness Personal Training


Energize Your Nutrition

Nutrition Coaching


Energize Your Mind and Get Unstuck


Elevate Your Spirit

with Erica

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