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Focus Fanfare: Flourishing in the Year of Clarity

Hello there 2024!


My year of FOCUS! Flourish, Opportunity, Clarity, Unstoppable, and Success! It’s the word that will help me steer my actions and decisions throughout the year.

When I looked up the word ‘focus’ in the dictionary, I discovered so many meanings so here is a summary:

🎯 Concentrating on Something:

Focus means directing your attention or efforts towards a specific task or goal. It's about paying close attention to what you're doing.


🎯 Main Topic or Activity:

Focus can also refer to the primary or most important part of a discussion, project, or activity. It's what you're mainly concerned with or talking about.


🎯 Making Images Clear:

In things like photography or using microscopes, focus is about adjusting them so that the image becomes sharp and clear. I know when I ventured into the world of ‘progressives’ last year, focus played a huge part in getting used to them.


🎯 Special Point in Geometry:

In shapes like circles and ovals, the focus is a specific point that helps define the shape according to math rules. This one is mostly a nope for me - geometry, math in general, and I don’t get along too well.


🎯 Highlighting New Information:

Focus is used to describe the part of a sentence that introduces new or important information, as opposed to what's already known.


🎯 Clarity in Goals or Thoughts:

Focus refers to having clear, defined objectives or thoughts. It's about being decisive and not getting sidetracked. This one! This one fits!

Overall, focus is about both concentration and clarity, whether it's about where you put your attention, how you see something visually, the main point of your activities, a key aspect of certain math figures, bringing out new information in communication, or setting clear goals.

Choosing 'Focus' as my guiding word means I hope to approach each day with purpose and clarity. For me, it's about following a more intentional path, where even the choices and efforts that may not seem aligned at first are part of a larger, purpose-driven journey. Focus will come with me in all parts of my life, ensuring that my choices, even the tiny ones, contributes in some ways to my passions of health and happiness.

And it’s my year of affirmations . . .


"I maintain sharp focus on my goals, transforming plans into action."


"I flourish in my endeavors, growing stronger and more capable each day."


"I recognize and seize opportunities, turning each one into a stepping stone for success."


"Clarity guides my decisions, providing a clear path forward in all situations.”


"Unstoppable in my resolve, I overcome challenges with determination and grit."


"Success follows my efforts; I achieve my goals through persistence and hard work."

Have you chosen your word for the year yet? Share with us how you plan to integrate 'Focus' or your personal word into your daily life. Head over to my latest blog for inspiration and tips on making your word a guiding force this year!

👉 Head over to my Facebook group - Move Everyday with E to start a conversation about our words and aspirations for 2024!

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