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Good Mood Foods: Happiness On Your Plate

I absolutely believe life should include eating foods that not only taste amazing but make you feel amazing, too. And, it turns out, what's on your fork is not just about keeping fit or fueling your next workout. It's also about feeding your joy, your peace, and yes, even your smiles!

Welcome to your "Good Mood Foods" blueprint, where science meets your dinner plate in a most delightful way. Let's dive into the yummy world of foods that boost your mood faster than you can say "Pass the chocolate!"

Why Your Plate is Your Happy Place:

  • Omega-3s: Think of them as your brain's besties. Found in goodies like chia seeds and salmon, they keep your brain cells chatting happily and keep inflammation at bay.

  • Antioxidants: These are your body's little warriors, fighting off stress and keeping your brain feeling sunny. Berries, dark chocolate, and green tea are loaded with them.

  • Fiber: Keeps your sugar levels steady, avoiding those moody blues. Foods like oats and chickpeas are your go-to for that full, satisfied feeling without the crash.

  • Vitamin B6: The magic behind your happy dances. Bananas and chickpeas are rich in this, helping your brain produce those feel-good vibes.

  • Probiotics: Your gut is where a lot of your happiness hormones hang out. Keep it happy with probiotic-rich foods like yogurt, and it'll return the favor.

My Top 10 Good Mood Foods List:

  • Be Berry Happy: Each berry is a burst of joyful antioxidants. Think of them as little edible tweets of happiness and stress busters for your brain. Pop 'em fresh or frozen for a sweet treat.

  • Go Bananas: The ultimate mood lifter.Packed with mood-lifting vitamin B6, bananas are your own personal cheer squad, ready to pep you up at a moment's notice.

TRUE STORY: I used to not eat bananas because I believed they were not healthy because they are full of sugar!

  • Yogurt Delight: With probiotics to keep your gut and mood in harmony, it's like the zen garden of foods.

  • Oats of Happiness: Start your day with a warm, comforting bowl of oatmeal. These guys are the slow and steady race winners, keeping your energy and mood as balanced as a yoga pose.

My favorite breakfasts consists of oatmeal, chia seeds, walnuts (also a good mood food) with blueberries or strawberries, a scoop of protein powder, and a dash of That’s four good mood foods — no wonder I am in a good mood in the morning!

  • Chia Cheer: Omega-3 rich chia seeds are like tiny capsules of brain health, boosting your mood one spoonful at a time. They may be tiny but they’re mighty mood enhancers.

  • Turmeric Touch: This spice is the golden ticket to feeling good, with curcumin that lights up your brain's feel-good centers.

  • Tea Time: A cup of green tea can be your zen moment or meditation session for your brain, thanks to calming amino acids.

  • Chickpea Chirp: hese bundles of joy are packed with vitamin B6, making every bite a step towards a happier you.

  • Quirky Quinoa: This super grain is not just for health nuts. It's a powerhouse of joy, releasing serotonin to brighten your mood.

  • Chocolate Cheers: Yes, dark chocolate is on the list! The ultimate and occasional indulgence that’s actually good for you, giving your brain a blast of blissful endorphins.

How awesome is it that dark chocolate is on the list?

So, beautiful friends, eating your way to a happier you isn't just possible; it's delicious! Every bite is an opportunity to nourish not just your body but also your spirit. Make every meal a celebration of joy, love, and laughter.  Happy, healthy eating, and here's to a life filled with joyous moments and meals!


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