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Goodbye 2023: My Year of Working with Word Abundance, plus, Challenges, and Recommitment to What I Love

As we enter a new year, I'm taking a moment to look back at 2023. It was a year full of learning and new connections, a journey that has shaped me in countless ways.

Abundance was my word in 2023. I saw beauty in everyday life and experienced unexpected joys. Abundance, in the definition I chose to work with, relates to a mindset or perspective that focuses on the plentifulness and richness of life, rather than scarcity or lack.

I believe when people talk about living a life of abundance, they often mean more than just material wealth.  Abundance is living a rich and fulfilling experience in lots of aspects of life, such as love, joy, creativity, relationships, and opportunities. This concept suggests that there is enough for everyone, and it emphasizes a positive and optimistic outlook on life, focusing on the availability and accessibility of life's bounties. For me, it was a year that demonstrated the universe’s willingness to give generously, teaching me the value of gratitude and presence.

The year had its challenges, too. There were health scares, and family tragedy with deep reminders to always remember to tell your people you love them. These challenges shared lessons of resilience, humanity and connection. Every tough moment was a chance to learn and get stronger, marveling at strength and admiring the power of perseverance.

Additionally, the ongoing fighting and bombing in Ukraine and Gaza served as stark reminders of the fragility of peace. These events have strengthened my belief that we, as a human community must work together to make a joint effort towards empathy, and seek to understand each other, before we can begin to hope for a future where peace exists.

And there were highlights - one of the cool highlights of the year was meeting so many new people and reconnecting with so many others. These interactions opened my mind to new ideas and strengthened my sense of community. They reminded me that every person I met has something unique to teach me on many levels!

Another awesome and personal highlight was recommitting to my love of theater. I allowed it to be absent from my life as a participant for far too long! I also returned to my Earth Energies with E creations - it was good to be active in my artistic outlets again. A reconnection to joy, flow and allowing the mind to wander through bright and creative pathways. Definitely looking forward to what 2024 offers!

Through it all, I focused on what's important to me: my health and happiness as well as the health and happiness of others. I tried to make choices that reflect these values and hopefully inspired others along the way. This year reinforced my belief that staying on top of what is important to each of us as individuals is the cornerstone of personal fulfillment and impact.

As I leave 2023 behind, I personally hope to take the lessons and memories with me to continue on the path of learning and growing. I'm ready to focus on and face 2024 with hope and a willingness to keep moving forward and making a difference. Thanks, 2023, for everything – the triumphs, the lessons, and the moments of clarity.

Here's to a happy, healthy, focused and purposeful 2024!

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