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Instant Mood Boosters

Updated: May 26, 2020

In the spirit of full disclosure, I do better with routines.

There. I said it. Wait, I think there is more.

I do better with scheduled and structured routines.

Yup, getting closer, but not quite there yet.

I do better with scheduled and structured routines that rarely change.

Okay, I think that’s it. Nope, wait more.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I do better with scheduled and structured routines that rarely change and when they do change I am unsettled for a while.

That‘s IT! (Picture Lucy from Peanuts in her little psychiatrist cardboard box.)

That is it. That is my truth. It’s one of my truths, anyway - certainly my truth that pertains to this blog.

And here we find ourselves in a strange new place. Weeeelllll, it‘s not REALLY a new place, is it? It’s still LIFE and life is LIFE. It changes.

We keep on keeping on - Thank you, Curtis Mayfield.

Our schedules, structures and routines have all changed recently. I know I am feeling unsettled more than I am feeling settled right now. And I am not a fan of feeling unsettled. But then, who is?

Yes, I am certain there are some out there that can live unencumbered with structures and schedules and routines. I do, sometimes, find myself envying the those people, while still respecting and understanding the need for my structures.

“So, hello, state of flux and change,” she says as she shakes hands with the unknown.

(I know ....our current flux and change means no shaking hands.)

As we seek our new path, I offer you these mood or outlook on life booster keys to assist you on your journey.

Key #1

Allot or set time in your day for pleasurable activities. It’s those activities that actively bring you joy because they feel good, and can assist you with feeling good about yourself. These are the doings in your life you look forward to.

Key #2

Carving out time in your day for accomplishing stuff. (Reminder, stuff is a very technical word that means matter, material, articles, or activities of a specified or indeterminate kind.)


Getting things done! Checking stuff off the list! Boom! Instant outlook booster! No other explanation needed!

Key #3

This one might be a tough one.

Spend some time in your day or week doing something you have been avoiding.

Wait? What! Ugh....I know. There is a reason you have been avoiding it.

Precisely why I offer the suggestion to balance this key in to your schedule once a week — this key might not be an everyday key. Think about it though, not only does it feel good — like checking things off your accomplishing stuff list — it often feels great because it was so hard to do! So now there is an exclamation point after you do it! Outlook booster x 10!!!

Key #4

Balance out the above three keys with your values. Connect your innate and nurtured value system to your pleasurable activity, your accomplishing stuff list and your avoiding stuff list. You will likely experience outlook and mood boosting fireworks in your gut, your heart and your head!! Outlook booster 10x10!!!

Four simple keys to help us boost our outlook. The beauty is they are also great keys for “scheduling” and balancing LIFE — whether we are in our coronavirus quarantine, or our new state of flux and uncertainty as we move forward, or whatever and where ever our futures take us.

So when uncertainty rears it‘s head and you feel unsettled .... remember to check in with what you hold valuable, spend time doing what makes you feel good, feel accomplished when you check stuff off your lists and sometimes do the extra hard stuff that you have been avoiding.

And note, that it all looks and feels different for every single one of us.


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