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March Musings: My 15 Hidden Joys of the Month

March has always been a month that challenged my spirits with its unpredictable weather and the remnants of winter. However, this year, I decided to embark on a little project to find the joy in March, and surprisingly, I found plenty. Here's a closer look at what makes March special, including the cherished birthdays that light up my month:

Everything Starts Blooming

Nature begins its transformation, and I'm here for it. The blooming flowers and budding trees are like nature's way of painting the world in vibrant colors again, offering a fresh canvas after the long, monochrome winter.

More Daylight

The longer days are a godsend, especially after battling Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) in the winter months. More sunshine means more energy and a much-needed mood boost. So good bye short, gray and dark days —it’s time to let the light shine!

Outdoor Fun

March's milder days lure me back to my favorite outdoor hiking - I know, many people believe you can do that in cold winter time as well. In theory, I believe it’s probably true but since I believe I might have been a bear in a post life, I love the sport of hibernation! The warmer, longer days gets me outside more and I am all for it!

St. Patrick’s Day

I love Irish music!! And when we celebrate this day of green it brings a splash of fun and community spirit into the month. And a pint of Guinness is always delicious too!

Just Right Weather

It’s time to shed the parkas — March's sweater weather is perfect! It's the sweet spot between winter's chill and summer's heat, ideal for enjoying the outdoors without bundling up too much.

A Fresh Start for Health

March feels like a second New Year, offering a fresh opportunity to focus on health and wellness goals. It's a reminder that it's never too late to start anew or to recommit to my aspirations for a healthier life.

Pi Day

Despite my complicated relationship with math, Pi Day is a delightful excuse to enjoy some delicious pie. It's a quirky celebration that always brings a smile to my face and I am always happy to have a slice of pie - PIZZA, KEY LIME, APPLE . . . .


Daffodils are my favorite flower! bright yellow flowers are among the first signs of spring, dotting the landscape with cheer. They're a beautiful contrast to the gray days preceding March.

Celebrating My Sister's Birthday

March is all pretty cool because it's when we celebrate the birthday of my first, longest and bestest friend — my sister! I call her Jodicoyote, a nickname born from a silly childhood memory that still makes me smile. We were playing with“The Farmer Says See n’ Say" circa 1973 or 1974. I was convinced that the toy called out "Jodi" on one of the spins. I tried all the animals and the only one that came close was Coyote! So - Jodi became my Coyote. She's been Jodicoyote, my favorite partner in crime, ever since. Happy Birthday Jodi!

Celebrating My Nephew's Birthday

And then a couple of days later, we celebrate one of Jodi’s son’s birthday! Happy Birthday Sean!!! He is quite possible one of the best joke tellers in the entire world or maybe the King of Music Trivia!

The Promise of Summer

Summer is my month! I love it the long, bright days! Each passing day in March brings us closer to summer, with its promise of freedom, warmth, and adventure. The anticipation of sunny days ahead fills me with hope.

March Madness

Though I'm not a huge basketball fan,I will admit that I do get wrapped up in the fun energy of the March Madness tournament! From the Sweet 16 to the Final Four, it's fun to keep up with the advances and the upsets! Every year there seems to be an unexpected outcome of at least one of the games! Let’s see what happens this year!

Nutrition Month

March is also Nutrition Month, a great reminder to focus on eating well and trying new, healthy recipes. I have a couple of challenges this month!

The Start of the Spring Crew Season

Even though my rowing days are behind me, the start of the crew season on the Hudson River holds a special place in my heart. I can still smell it coming in air as early as February! And then March happens, the docks get put back in, and the rowers get out on the water! Watching the boats glide across the water, in perfect harmony, is a little bit of magic to me!

Reflecting on these March musings, I realize there's much to appreciate and look forward to. So maybe March is a pretty cool Month after all!

What hidden joys does March hold for you? Sometimes, it's the personal moments and simple pleasures that make all the difference.

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