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Rhythms of Rescue: Tuning Into CPR's Lifesaving Beats

We’re STAYIN’ ALIVE because we CAN’T STOP THE FEELING  and DON’T (you dare) STOP BELIEVIN’ that I (you) WILL SURVIVE. DR. FEELGOOD is NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP because he’s gonna WORK IT to make sure that ANOTHER ONE (doesn’t) BITE THE DUST and then all the DANCING QUEENs will DANCE TO THE MUSIC and go DOWNTOWN to the FUNKYTOWN to feel the UPTOWN FUNK and CELEBRATION to stay ALIVE and KICKING!

See what I did there? I really am a nerd!

What do all these songs have in common?  They all land between at about 100-120 bpm which happens to be the perfect beat for CPR!

Ever wondered how something as simple as a playlist could boost your ability to save lives? Well, I've put together a CPR playlist that's not just fun to listen to but could also help you perform CPR more effectively. Imagine needing to step in during a cardiac emergency and the beats of "Stayin' Alive" or "Uptown Funk" guiding your actions.

Music isn't just for entertainment; it plays a big role in how we learn and remember things, including critical skills like CPR. Songs with a tempo of 100 to 120 beats per minute can help keep your CPR compressions on track.

The connection between music, memory, and learning is fascinating and well-documented. Music engages the brain in a unique way, enhancing our ability to recall information and perform tasks. This is crucial in emergency situations where remembering CPR steps can mean the difference between life and death.

A study found that songs with a tempo matching the ideal CPR compression rate (100 to 120 beats per minute) can help individuals maintain the correct pace, ensuring the effectiveness of their life-saving efforts.

This a really cool study!

The Value of Songs for Teaching and Learning Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Competencies: A Systematic Review Monitoring Editor: Alexander Muacevic and John R Adler Jeffrey L Pellegrino,1 Jennifer Vance,2 and Nicholas Asselin3

Summary of the article: Imagine learning CPR not just in silence or with beep sounds, but with your favorite tunes guiding you. That's what this study is all about. It found out that when CPR training includes songs with the right tempo, about 110 beats per minute, people tend to do a better job. They remember how to do the chest compressions more accurately and even remember how to do them longer. It's like the songs stick in your mind, helping you recall the CPR steps better when it really counts. The study suggests picking songs that not only have the perfect beat but also mean something special to the learners, making the training experience even more effective. While there's still more to learn about exactly how songs can improve all aspects of CPR, it's pretty clear that music has a powerful role to play in teaching life-saving skills in a way that's memorable and engaging.

In an emergency, feeling nervous is normal, but staying calm is crucial. Music can help with that, too. The right track can calm your nerves, helping you focus on doing CPR correctly. It’s about making a scary situation a bit more manageable.

So, this playlist isn’t just a bunch of songs; it’s a tool to make performing CPR a bit easier and more effective. By combining the science behind music and memory, we're turning up the volume on how we prepare to save lives.

CPR makes a difference in saving lives, and music might play a role if the moment comes! Be ready to act—not just as bystanders but as confident lifesavers.


Stayin Alive Performed by Bee Gees Written by

Barry Gibb Maurice Gibb Robin Gibb Produced by Bee Gees Source: UME - Global Clearing House

CAN'T STOP THE FEELING! (from DreamWorks Animation's "TROLLS") Performed by Justin Timberlake Written by Justin Timberlake Shellback Produced by JustinTimberlake Shellback Max Martin Source: Villa 40/RCA Records, MXM Music

Don't Stop Believin' Performed by Journey Written by Jonathan CainNeal Schon Stephen Perry Produced by Mike StoneKevin Elson Source: Columbia

I Will Survive - Single Version Performed by Gloria Gaynor Written by Dino FekarisFreddie Perren

Produced by Dino FekarisFreddie Perren Source: Polydor

Dr. Feelgood Performed by Mötley Crüe Written by Mick MarsNikki SixxTommy LeeVince Neil Produced by Bob Rock Source: BMG Rights Management (US) LLC

Never Gonna Give You Up Performed by Rick Astley Written by

Matt Aitken Mike Stock Pete Waterman Produced by Mike Stock Aiken Pete Waterman Source: BMG Rights Management (UK) Ltd.

Another One Bites The Dust - Remastered 2011 Performed by Queen Written by John Deacon Produced by Queen Reinhold Mack Source: Hollywood Records

Work It Performed by Missy Elliott Written by Timbaland Produced by Missy Elliott Timbaland Source: Atlantic Records/ATG, Wixen Music Publishing, Inc.

Dancing Queen Performed by ABBA Written by Benny Andersson Björn Ulvaeus Stig Anderson Produced by Björn Ulvaeus Benny Andersson Source: Polar Music International AB

Dance to the Music Performed by Sly & The Family Stone Written by S. Stewart Produced by Sly Stone for Stone Flower Productions Source: Epic/Legacy

Downtown Performed by Petula Clark Written by Tony Hatch Produced by Tony Hatch Source: BMG Rights Management France SARL

Funkytown - Single Version Performed by Lipps Inc. Written by Steven Greenberg Produced by Steven Greenberg Steven Productions Source: UME - Global Clearing House

Uptown Funk (feat. Bruno Mars) Performed by Bruno Mars Mark Ronson Written by Charles Wilson Devon Gallaspy Lonnie Simmons Mark Ronson Nicholaus Williams Peter Hernandez Philip Lawrence Robert Wilson Ronnie Wilson Rudolph Taylor Produced by Mark Ronson Bruno Mars Jeff Bhasker Source: Columbia, Sony Music Publishing

Celebration Performed by Deodato Kool & The Gang Written by Charles Smith Curtis Fitzgerald Williams Dennis Ronald Thomas George "Funky" Brown J.T. Taylor  Robert Spike Mickens Ronald Nathan Bell Produced by Deodato Kool & The Gang Source: Island Mercury

Alive And Kicking Performed by Simple Minds Written by Charlie Burchill Jim Kerr Mick MacNeil Produced by Jimmy Iovine Bob Clear mountain Source: UMC (Universal Music Catalogue)


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