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The Great April Swap-Out: A Month of Mindful Choices

With spring in full swing, bringing all its fresh vibes and new beginnings, I thought, why not spruce up our routines a bit? So, I'm super excited to roll out a fun little game for us this April - the "Do This! Not That!" Challenge. It's all about swapping out the meh with the yay in our daily routines, focusing on moving our bodies, eating yummy (and good-for-us) food, and chilling our minds in the coolest ways possible.

Why I’m Doing This

Recently I have been feeling like some of my routines are on autopilot!  You know how sometimes it’s like “you’re phoning it in”? And maybe even just doing some things out of habit that don't really make you feel great?

This challenge is like hitting the refresh button every day, making choices that boost our mood and health. It's not about being perfect or flipping our lives upside down overnight. It's about fun, small changes that make a big difference.

How to Join the Fun

Jumping into the challenge is easy peasy. Each day, you'll get a simple "Do This" swap that's all about adding a little more sparkle to your day. We're talking tiny tweaks in how we move, munch, and mind our brains. It's designed to be super doable for everyone, no matter where you're at on your health and happiness journey.

A Peek at the Challenge

Here are a few teasers of what you might see in the challenge:

  • Stretch it out for 5 minutes when you wake up, instead of hitting snooze.

  • Jot down something awesome that happened today, instead of dwelling on any bummers.

  • Curl up with a good book for a bit before bed, instead of scrolling through your phone.

  • Give yourself a mini meditation session in the morning, rather than diving straight into emails.

We're in This Together in Move Every Day with E

This whole thing? It's about trying something new, having a laugh, and maybe discovering a few gems along the way. There's no pressure to nail it every day. It's about enjoying the journey and making tweaks that feel right for you.

Going through this challenge together is gonna be way more fun. Share your wins, your oops moments, and everything in between with our crew online. It's all about cheering each other on and sharing the good vibes.

Join our Move Every Day with E Facebook group for the daily reminder posts of the “this and not thats”.

You’ll also find:

📣 A Daily or Almost Daily Dose of Cheer: Consider Move Every Day with E as your virtual cheerleader, ready with a high-five or a pep talk whenever you need it.

🪄 Learn Cool Tricks: From sneaky exercise hacks to making healthy eating delicious and straightforward.

👯 Find Your Fitness Buddies: Looking for workout connections? Connect here and never do a boring solo workout again!

‼️ Fun Challenges: Say goodbye to the same old routine. Our challenges will spice up your fitness journey and keep you engaged. They are equal parts silly and serious!

🤩 Be Inspired: Get motivated by incredible stories from our members and maybe even share your own to inspire others.

💡Tips & Tricks Galore: From workouts to wellness, we share knowledge that makes getting healthy feel less like a chore.

🥗 Nutrition Nuggets: We talk a ton about nutrition, sharing easy, tasty tips to fuel your body and satisfy your taste buds.

Move Every Day with E isn't just about moving your body; it's about finding joy in the journey towards health and happiness, together.

I'm kind of buzzing with excitement to see what happens! I am in it too because more than some of these “Do This-Not Thats” made it on the calendar because I find myself stuck in some of the “not thats” .

Fill your April with positive energy, laughter, and a whole lot of feel-good moments.

And keep moving forward!


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