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“Undieting Your Mindset”: Why It Feels So Good!

Updated: Mar 14

Ever feel like you're on a never-ending “diet” rollercoaster? I've been there, deeply entrenched in the diet culture, believing my worth was tied to what the scale said each morning - and sometimes again in the late morning, the afternoon and the evening. My journey from a weight loss industry worker to embracing a "No-Diet Mindset" has been eye-opening, and I want to share with you why this shift can bring so much joy and freedom into your life.

From Scale-Obsessed to Liberation

Remember those mornings when the scale had the power to dictate your mood? Been there, done that. I allowed a piece of metal to determine my happiness every single day for at least a third of my life. I was constantly chasing that "ideal" weight and working to get below it so I had some “leeway”. But here's the truth I discovered: real health and genuine happiness isn't a number. It's about feeling confident, vibrant, energized, and at peace with your body and food.

Break Away from the Diet Cycle

Diet culture, the weight loss industry and unfortunately many of our MDs have a way of making us feel trapped in an endless cycle of restrictions, guilt, and frustration. And not being acceptable or “good enough”.  To undiet your mindset means to step off this merry-go-round for good. It's about saying goodbye to the "shoulds" and "shouldn'ts" that dictate our eating habits and welcoming a more intuitive approach to food.

Addressing the Elephant in the Room: Weight Gain Fears

There is always an elephant!

The fear of weight gain was a huge hurdle for me and in fact I did gain weight during the pandemic. Transitioning to a mindset where food is not the enemy brought up worries about losing control. But here's what I've learned: our bodies have a natural wisdom. When we listen (listening is the key) and respond to hunger and fullness cues, engage in joyful movement, and nourish ourselves with a variety of foods, our bodies find their happy place. Health is so much broader than weight—it's about how we feel, our energy levels, and embracing life fully.

But, What About Staying Healthy?

"Undieting" might sound like throwing health out the window, but my experience has shown it's the complete opposite. It's about redefining health on your terms, enjoying food for both nourishment and pleasure, and moving your body because it feels good. After years in the diet industry, I saw firsthand how a focus solely on weight loss and food restrictions can lead to a cycle of guilt, failure, disordered eating and eating disorders.  Breaking free from that has allowed me to cultivate a truly healthy lifestyle—one that celebrates food, respects my body, and supports my mental and emotional well-being.

The Delicious Turnaround

Food is joy, culture, and connection. Once I stopped viewing meals as mere numbers and started experiencing them as moments to savor and enjoy, everything changed. It wasn't just about ditching the guilt around certain foods; it was about welcoming all foods back into my life and appreciating the nourishment and happiness they bring.

Spreading the Joy

My path to becoming a Health and Happiness Coach was fueled by my own transformation. I've navigated the challenging waters of diet culture, learned to trust my body again, and now, I'm dedicated to guiding others through their own journeys toward food freedom and self-acceptance.

Join the Conversation

Ready to explore the "Food Freedom Mindset" for yourself? You're not alone.

There's a vibrant community ready to support you as you navigate the fears and joys of undieting together. It is possible to live a full, vibrant life, nourished and free from the scale's shadow. Our bodies are incredible communicators, constantly sending us signals about what they need to thrive. Part of undieting your mindset involves tuning into these signals—eating when you're hungry, stopping when you're full, and craving what your body genuinely needs, not what a diet plan prescribes.

So, here's to embracing a life where food is a friend, not a foe—a journey of nourishment, satisfaction, and joy. It’s time to undiet our mindsets and discover the true meaning of health and happiness without the scale!


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